Faculty and Staff

"I know what they have taught me, how they live and interact with the school body. I know that their purpose for teaching is to glorify God; I have seen their strong faith, their patience, love, and endurance in different situations at school and with the students. Like how Timothy was convinced through Paul, I have been convinced of the faith through my teachers and school community."    

~ Jennifer Puhalski, Salutatorian, class of 2020

  Name Title
Tom Barton Barton, Tom History Teacher
Marianne Bridges Bridges, Marianne 1/2 Grade Long-Term Substitute PT
Rex Bridges Bridges, Rex Development Director
Carol Burke Burke, Carol Secretary
Renee Costello Costello, Renee PE Teacher
Elisa DeWitt DeWitt, Elisa Principal
Lucas Garcia Garcia, Lucas
Jill Grazioso Grazioso, Jill
Krista Greer Greer, Krista High School Math Teacher
Elliot Hawk Hawk, Elliot Art Teacher
Christine Hughes Hughes, Christine 5/6 grade Teacher
Zach Justice Justice, Zach High School Bible Teacher, Chaplain
Sean Klay Klay, Sean
Laurel Leary Leary, Laurel
Lori Nargi Nargi, Lori Kindergarten Teacher
Andrew Powers Powers, Andrew High School PE
Caitlynne Scotti Scotti, Caitlynne
Heidi Simmons Simmons, Heidi
Renee Smith Smith, Renee High School English Teacher
Lisa Troiano Troiano, Lisa
Gloria Villanueva Villanueva, Gloria Custodian
Gloria Villanueva Villanueva, Gloria