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Parent Testimonials

"I love the Christian based aspect obviously, but also how involved the principal and staff is in communication with the parents. Things seem to run very smoothly and we are overall very happy that we have found ULCS!" ~ Sarah Zulkifli

"The best thing we ever did for our kids was to send them to ULCS." ~ Sarah & Keith Sartorini

"I encourage you to send your children. They will receive a high-quality education from the people who love them and who care about their eternal state in addition to their academic success. We love the instruction with a Biblical worldview and the focus on Bible memorization." ~ Raymond Kepner

The academic and spiritual growth we have seen in our children over the last few years has been truly remarkable. Since they started attending ULCS, they have received the love and attention we had hoped for from a Christ-centered school. It is a community of fellowship and relationship-building - one we hope to be a part of for several years to come. Upton Lake has been a wonderful blessing to our family!

God Bless-

Nate and Sarah Zacek