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Common Core Philosophy

Common Core Philosophy


The “Common Core” is a joint effort by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers. The Common Core standards were set in response to the continued failure of students in schools across New York State as well as the national level.  The effort was to promote college and career readiness, especially targeting failing schools and the students attending these schools. 

First and foremost, we at Upton Lake Christian School are dedicated to our mission statement, 

To equip today's students to meet tomorrow's challenges by providing a quality, Christ-centered education under the authority of God's Word.  

At ULCS the curriculum is based on biblical truth, sound educational practice, and appropriate state or national standards that inform the instructional program for each age, grade level and each program. (Standard Five: Instructional Program, American Christian Schools International).  This has been proven to be evident as part of our ACSI accreditation evaluation.  The following are four indicators of compliance:

  • Curriculum Trak provides a written curriculum plan.
  • Subject areas have embedded educational standards.
  • Subject areas have written biblical integration indicators.
  • Teachers have indicated instructional strategies that support sound educational practice.

Materials which are labeled “Common Core” have been used in ULCS classrooms, however Upton Lake Christian School does not use the NYS Common Core curriculum and/or assessments with our students.  We have noticed that many excellent educational resources may apply to the work that is being done in the public schools.  In an effort to promote sales, publishing companies are labeling their materials as “Common Core”.  The use of a book which is labeled, “Common Core” does not mean the teacher is following a Common Core curriculum and/or assessment practices.  An example of this might be the use of a vocabulary book.  The study of vocabulary is an important part of any quality educational program.  We want our children to have a solid grasp of vocabulary.  Using a vocabulary book that may be used by the public schools, does not mean we are following the “Common Core” model.  

Please be assured that we are keeping a close watch on our educational program and materials to protect our students from the pitfalls of the NYS Common Core practices.  We hope this information is helpful and look forward to continuing open communication in the months and years to come.