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ULCS School Profile

School Profile
Upton Lake Christian School is a Ministry of Evangelical Free Church of Clinton Corners

Our Community 

A suburban community located 15 miles northeast of Poughkeepsie in Dutchess County, New York.

Private Christian School for grades K through 12.
Enrollment: 70 - 80
Faculty and Staff: 14 - 18
Student to Teacher Ratio:  6:1
Diverse Christian student body representing over 15 local churches
Testing Program 
ACSI Iowa Assessments for grades 3 -10
P.S.A.T./N.M.S.Q.T. offered in sophomore and junior year.
S.A.T. 's for College are taken off campus.

The instructional program is designed to train students for college. Twenty-two & three quarters credits are required for graduation with a three course sequence each of math and science but preferably a four course sequence in each to prepare for college admissions. The breakdown is as follows:

Bible 4 Credits (one credit for each year student attends Upton Lake)
English 4 Credits
Social Studies 4 Credits
Mathematics 3 Credits (4 credits are offered)
Science 3 Credits (4 credits are offered)
Foreign Language 1 Credit (2 credits are offered)
Fine Arts 1 Credit 
Physical Education 2 Credit (1/2 credit for each year 9-12)
Health 1/2 Credit
Computer 1/2 Credit  
Community Service
Community service hours are averaged in as part of the final grade for Bible in grades 7-12.
Grades 7, 8, 9 = 14 hrs required
Grades 10,11,12 = 18 hrs required
Marking System 
A - 100 - 93 Excellent
B -   92 - 85 Good
C -   84 - 75 Average
D -   74 - 70 Lowest acceptable average
F -   69 and below Failure
Facilities & Location 

Our school meets at 37 Shepherd's Way, Clinton Corners, NY 12514. Tours can be arranged by calling our office during summer business hours of 9-1 M-F. 

*Please note: Our mailing address is PO Box 63, Clinton Corners, NY 12514.